About Nurse Love Syndrome

Nurse Love Syndrome is a glittery, cute nurse girl romance adventure game about female friendship.

The story takes place in Yurigahama, a small countryside town on the outskirts of the city Kanakura. The protagonist Kaori Sawai is a brand new nurse who has come to work at a small, private hospital where she meets many people: the mentor she looked up to during nursing school, the strict-but-kind head nurse, and various hospital patients.

Enjoy this story of friendship as our heroine grows through her experiences with the many unique characters around her.

This fleeting and beautiful story was written with the help of two practicing nurses, Madoka Madoka and Sakura Sakura. The story may have a carefree and pop perspective, but it’s filled with the realities of the medical industry in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without the valuable knowledge that Madoka Madoka and Sakura Sakura provided.

The charming heroines were designed by Chisato Naruse, whose work has been featured in other Kogado Studio titles. The faintly-hued world and the harsh-yet-kind reality are drawn with a unique and delicate touch to bring you the truth of the angels in white and the beauty of human life.

This title is a graphically updated edition of Nurse Love Syndrome RE:Therapy, which was an expanded version based on the 2011 PlayStationPortable Nurse Love Syndrome game. This remastered version was released for PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 8/10.

The character designs done by popular illustrator Chisato Naruse will be brought to you with even more vibrant colors. Those who are familiar with the original version will also be able to enjoy this new and improved Nurse Love Syndrome.



Planning and production
Shimarisu-san Team
Original plan & Director
Character Design, Keyframes
Chisato Naruse
Madoka Madoka / Sakura Sakura

Voice Actor

  • Kaori Sawai cv:Kana Asumi
  • Hatsumi Otsuka cv:Eri Kitamura
  • Nagisa Fujisawa cv:Yoko Hikasa
  • Sayuri Sakai cv:Asami Imai
  • Yasuko Yamanouchi cv:Yumi Hara
  • Ami Asada cv:Manabi Mizuno
  • Mayuki Wakamoto cv:Ayane Sakura
Main Song
「you never know」
Chiaki Ogasawara
Masaki Suzuki
yuki nakano
Hatsumi Otsuka cv:Eri Kitamura
Ending themesong
Wataru Kouda
Tomohisa Kuraya
Ami Asada cv:Manabi Mizuno
Cooperation in production
Sales Cooperation
DEGICA Co., Ltd.